Monday, 23 April 2018

House Complete: Post-Build Update

Well, it’s been nearly 18 months since we moved in. There’s so much to do after a new build, but we made sure we had the cash to do the most important stuff. Fencing, blinds, plantation shutters and turf were included within that budget.

Gardens, edging, gates, shed, and other miscellaneous stuff we have chipped away at slowly over time.

I love this place. Love it. Love the build, the layout, the location, the view, the neighbours. Just love it here.

There are a few things we would consider/question for the next build (if we ever chose to move on).
  • Garage: we would make it wider. It’s a tight squeeze with the cars (one of which is a Prado with big-ass bull bar), camping gear, gardening crap and other shit competing for space!
  • We would have widened the entertaining area footprint, extended the slab. It’s pretty narrow.
  • Media room. We appear to have a problem. Apparently, we've since been told by friends that it's against building code to have a room without windows. Ba-bow. Our media room is missing that rather important feature. We're not sure how this has happened. The plans don't include a window either, and we're not sure how this would pass muster in the halls of Wisdom or council if this is the case. It gets bloody stuffy in that room - it's often closed off because my husband likes to strum his guitar and warble in his sound-proof little piece of the world, but apparently it may only present a problem if we go to sell. 

That’s about it, really.

Here’s some progress shots of what the place looks like now...

House Exterior

Kitchen... I love my kitchen.

Living areas and hallway

I stained all of our Lin1 door in 'Black Japan'. Really thrilled with the results...

Front gardens after initial planting

Front gardens are now established

Husband built and rendered the letterbox himself

Outdoor Entertaining

Side yard and garden — just after turf was laid

Side yard now established with front fencing and gardens.

Can't beat the view...

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Week Twenty-Three and Onward: Handover and Moving in

A month since the last post... sorry! Been rather busy, as you can imagine!

Handover was done at the end of the 23rd week. A few bank hiccups but Wisdom were ready to hand over the keys. Walk-through went well, some minor defects with paint work etc which will be attended to.

We've been in for three weeks now. Settled and mostly unpacked. First two weeks were moving and unpacking, third week was spent levelling and top-soiling the yard. Turf will be delivered this Thursday after a false start last week (damn rain!).

I've included some pics of the inside with furniture. I'll post one more time when the landscaping is finished.

Cheers and thanks for following our journey!

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Week Twenty-Two: Carpet, Waterfall Edges, Driveway Sealed and PCI Booked In

And we're finished. Done. Kaput. The house is complete,  just needs a clean.

We're so thrilled with the finish and quality. Looks absolutely amazing! The carpets were in by Monday of this week. There were people onsite throughout the week sealing the driveway (Gunmetal Grey) and the kitchen bench tops were finally finished on Saturday morning.

We were allowed in to take pictures and it looks simply beautiful. Really happy with how the colours have come together.

The black protective covering on the floors now need to be removed, and house will need a thorough clean before handover.

Wisdom have been in contact and our Practical Completion Inspection is booked in for Wednesday. I assumed that it would be another week or two before handover, but if the PCI goes well, we may end up heading over to head office to sign the paperwork and we'll receive our keys. Wasn't expecting that!

Appliances will be installed at a time to be arranged after handover.

Some photos!

Main Bedroom: Ensuite, Walk in Robe and Sexy Door.

Main Entrance

More Bedroom Shots

Kitchen Waterfall Edges

Monday, 14 November 2016

Week Twenty-One: Driveway Poured, Timber-Look Flooring Installed, Kitchen Splashback & Shelving

Another busy week :-)

We had a fair few things happening, but very impressed with the speed.

Driveway was poured at the beginning of the week. Driveway will need to be sealed next week. It's looking great! Our back step has also been poured.

We weren't expecting the flooring to start until the following week, but lo and behold, the laminate was completed by Friday. It looks amazing, we're really happy with it!

Splashback also appeared towards the end of the week, as did the shelving in all the pantries and cupboards.

Only carpet and kitchen waterfall edges to go. Rubbing hands together with glee... Some photos.

Driveway and Back Step

Kitchen Splashback


 Timber-Look Flooring: In Progress

 Timber Look Flooring: Complete

 Close up of Bathroom